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Harker Heights High School6

Harker Heights, TX | Bell County


October 9, 2014

Harker Heights High School is a great place! The teachers are friendly, the sports are competitive, and its an all around great atmosphere! I had an amazing time at Heights and I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else. The school gives you all the tools you need to succeed, its just up to you to rise to the challenge!

Submitted by a student

October 28, 2012

I'm very concerned about the Pre-AP Geometry instruction. The teachers don't teach from notes or a textbook. They write problems on the board but don't always finish them due to interruptions from the large class sizes of 29-36. They don't use the district provided technology to post the examples to their website. None of the Geometry teachers have set up web sites and communication is poor. Material isn't always completed covered prior to tests.There is nowhere to go to get the material if you miss class for illness or a school event. and are told to get it from another student, who may or may not have copied it down correctly, if at all. Even the math tutoring center is unsure of what curriculum is being taught. At shadow day, one teacher had grades posted and 2/3 of the students had D's or F's. More homework needs to be given so students can practice the concepts. Lesson plans need to be communicated to the math tutoring center so they know what is being covered in the classroom. Resources such as textbooks, web sites, powerpoints or notes need to be used like other Pre-AP teachers provide.

Submitted by a parent

September 8, 2012

the teachers here dont give any homework and we hardly get taught anything as a freshman last year my algebra teacher didnt show us how he did the work to get the answer all he did was just write it and all the students in the class were confised about it

Submitted by a student

August 29, 2012

The teachers seem to think that all the students think exactly alike,and that's a lie. My kid struggles hard to keep up,but when they fail you just for not taking the notes in the way they want you to, it's not surprising that he has problems. Maybe,if the school saw the kids as humans instead of a burdensome load of numbers,we might get somewhere. When I went to school, teachers would really connect with us. Now,it's all about looking good and having the smartest class so they get more funds.

Submitted by a parent

October 5, 2011

It seems that the assisant principals like to pick and choose how they enforce the dress code. If a gir is pretty and white then they will call them for EVERY thing possible where it is in the student manual or not. If you can't figure it out then GO TO UNIFORMS. I see so many girls pass by teachers and assiant principals with their breasts hanging out and that's ok. Guys can wear pants down around their ankles and that too is ok. But let a girl show her shoulders or a little bit of her leg above the knee and THAT is NOT permissable.

Submitted by a parent

May 5, 2011

As a student, I believe Harker Heights High School has prepared me for the college atmosphere/workload. However, in my experience, the administration is mediocre. Very rarely are they in classrooms fixing educational problems but are rather in the hallways writing a child up for having a hole in his/her jeans or lecturing a student about something irrelevant. Many upper-level (academically) students are unhappy at Heights because of the lack of efficiency in the staff. The coursework can be rigorous and rewarding but the school is frustrating due to lack of organization, logic, and explanations.

Submitted by a student

February 13, 2011

Excellent principal who believes in fair and logical discipline. This is the best high school in the district. Now if only the football program was existent this would be the best high school in the area!

Submitted by a parent

April 29, 2010

Great school if parents who take an active role in childs education. True; HHHS. has taken heat concerning Graduation Rate. Its a shot gun blast from the state based on certain demographics. Read all the tests results and read into the test results. This is a great HS to prepare your child for the future. However, parents who leave the raising of their child to the education system, do not participate in the childs education and/or a child with discipline problems will find the child struggling here. HHHS has great educators, most do their best to avoid the unfair trend of expending 90% of their resouces on bad students and only 10% the deserving just to make numbers. Also true; kids hanging out in mass smoking during lunch, OFF school grounds. Parents? This is the best H.S. in KISD. It would be even better if HarkerHeights had a HHISD

April 2, 2010

This is not true. I have seen the test results. Harker Heights has the highest scores in KISD. The drop out rate issue was a paperwork error. Please get the facts straight before posting.

Submitted by a parent

April 1, 2010

This school has not impressed me. At lunch students are allowed to leave and are seen smoking across the street form school. The paper has recently reported that this is the worst school in the area with the highest drop out rate and lowest test scores.

Submitted by a parent

August 1, 2009

Having begun teaching in 1959 and traveling all over the world as a military dependent with children, I taught in many schools, the last one being HHHS. I found that Harker Heights High school is the best academic, athletic, disciplinary, and social environment in Killeen at this time. I would not hesitate to send any high school student in our family there, and I was truly proud to celebrate our grandson's graduation from HHHS in June.

Submitted by a teacher

August 1, 2009

I truly think HHHS is the best high school to send your child too. My oldest child graduated this past June and it was truly the best 4 years of his life. The teachers are great and he truly had the best time in choir. The choir directors are top notch as well as the principal leadership. I am truly proud that I have an incoming freshman and would not hestitate to tell anyone to send their child there. Thanks HHHS!!!!

Submitted by a parent

April 3, 2009

The JROTC Program offered is one of the best in state. The Teachers are solid in Leadership, mentoring and encouraging the students.My daughter had a excellent experience at Harker Heights High School

Submitted by a parent

May 25, 2008

i love having my child in a high school like this! wonderful enviorentment, faculty and classmates.

Submitted by a parent

May 22, 2008

Harker Heights High School is one of the greatest school that I've attended. It has taught me many valuable lessons that I will never forget. The band program is one of the best. Not to mention that their guard just recently won 1st places in TCGC State Cahmpionships. GO KNIGHTS!

Submitted by a student

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